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Settlement Watch Updates10.1.14 

For Immediate Release

New tenders for 1877 housing units behind the Green Line
The Ministry of Housing and Construction issued this morning (10.1.14) tenders for 1,877 housing units across the Green Line.
Of these, 801 housing units are in the West Bank settlements and 1,076 at East Jerusalem.
The Israeli Press is reporting there is another 56 housing units in Neve Yaakov, however this is not yet confirmed.
Peace Now:  This government has once again issued large numbers of tenders, nearly 1900 housing units, these actions are creating hard facts on the ground during this crucial period of the negotiations process. These actions are an indication that this government is not serious about the process, in fact they are fooling the Israeli public, the Palestinian leadership, the US Secretary of State and the international community.  
Since the beginning of the negotiations, the government of Israel has issued tenders for 5,349 units across the Green Line, 2258 units in the West Bank and 3,019 units in East Jerusalem.  
During this period the government has promoted 11,047 housing units (8,625 at the WB and 2422 at East Jerusalem) through different stages.

Note: Most of the tenders are not ready to be issued, however the government wanted to urgently publish them right now, and their opening dates will be in a few weeks from now.
Details of the most recent Tenders issued:
West Bank:
Efrat: 227 housing units
Imanuel: 102
Beitar Ilit: 24
Karnei Shomron: 86
Alfei Menashe: 78
Ariel: 40
Adam (Geva Benyamin): 75
Elkana: 169
Total West Bank: 801
East Jerusalem:
Ramat Shlomo: 600
Pizgat Ze’ev (North): 182*
Ramot: 294 *
Total East Jerusalem: 1076
The tenders for Pizgat Ze’ev (182) and Ramot (294) were  published in the past however did not succeed.

For further details, please contact:
Lior Amihai at +972 (0)508641433