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8 August 2013                                                                                              For Immediate Release
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 Over 1000 Units Promoted in Settlements; Promise to Restrain Settlement Growth During Negotiations:

The Higher Planning Committee (HPC) of the Civil Administration met yesterday (7-8-13) to discuss the promotion of 1096 housing units, divided into 21 plans inside 11 settlements. The plans also include the legalization of an outpost. Of the 1096 housing units, 949 were discussed for depositing and 147 for validation. The location of the 1096 plans are alarming, with only one settlement inside the separation barrier, 7 east of the barrier and 3 within the planned route of the barrier.

Several of these plans were intended to be discussed last month, at the previous meeting of the HPC, (17-7-13). However, press coverage of these plans and the HPC's agenda for the meeting, pushed the HPC to remove these plans from the agenda. The plans formerly removed but, promoted yesterday are for 234 units in Gilgal, 38 in Kochav Yaakov, 31 in Almog and 17 in Shilo.

The HPC also discussed the depositing of outpost Nahlei Tal, established last year (2012) and first reported by Peace Now. If approved, this would be yet another outpost, built illegally and retroactively being legalized.  The plan for Nahlei Tal includes 225 housing units. Currently there are merely a half dozen illegal mobile homes. This is a massive expansion of this illegal outpost, de-facto creating yet another new settlement.

Peace Now:  The promotion of over 1000 housing units elucidates the importance of a settlement freeze and proves the government’s less than genuine intention to negotiate seriously.  A majority of these plans are outside the separation barrier, planned or built, and thus indicates there is no restraint on expansion into isolated areas.  Furthermore, the legalization of the outpost Nahlei Tal, strengthens the settlers ability to act illegally and with impunity.

Peace Now denounces all promotion of plans in settlements, especially during this sensitive and important time of negotiations. We will continue to monitor and expose the advancement of plans and hold the Israeli government accountable for their actions in the West Bank settlements.

List of Plans discussed:

Discussion for Depositing:
1. Shilo (Nofei Shilo) – Plan 205/4 - 17 housing units
2. Nahlei Tal – Plan 235/10 – 255 housing units
3. Kochav Yaakov – Plan 242/1/3 – 38 housing units
4. Gilgal – Plan 317/2 – 234 housing units
5. Almog – Plan 604/4 – 31 housing units
6.  Talmon – Plan 235/2/4 – 314 housing units
7. Alon Shvut – Plan 405/6/6/1 – 60 housing units
8. Etz Efraim – Plan 126/2/3
9. Shilo – Plan 205/15
10. Shilo – Plan 205/16
11. Kfar Adumim – Plan 227/21

Discussion for Validation
12. Shilo – Plan 205/13 – 95 housing units
13. Beitar Ilit – Plan 426/1/1/3/8 – 48 housing units
14. Beitar Ilit – Plan 426/1/3/11 – 4 housing units
15. Mitzpe Shalem – Plan 607/6
16. Beitar Ilit – Plan 426/7/2/a
17. Beitar Ilit – Plan 426/1/3/14
18. Beitar Ilit – Plan 426/7/10/b
19. Beitar Ilit – Plan 426/1/1/3/9
20. Beitar Ilit – Plan 426/1/1/3/10
21. Beitar Ilit – Plan 426/1/3/12

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