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January 2020

Join Us: Feb 17th | Mon. | 6 PM

Spring or Autumn? The Arab Spring and its Implications for Arab Christians in the Holy Land 

The Arab Spring: Event- Feb 17th

Annual Symposium in memory of Daniel Rossing, the Founding Director of the Jerusalem Center for Jewish – Christian Relations.

The impact of the Arab Spring outbreak in our region on Christian communities ♦ how the ideas expressed by demonstrators have affected Christian young Palestinians ♦  Israel’s attitude to the Christian minority 

This Week's News

Trump's Plan- Jerusalem Implications

Jerusalem is a significant component of Trump's plan that was presented this Tuesday. Here are some of the plan's highlights:

The plan recognizes the Security Barrier as the division line between Israeli Jerusalem and the future Palestinian Jerusalem. This is in contrast to the “Clinton Parameters,” that stated all Arab neighborhoods would be part of the future Palestinian State.

All of Jerusalem's holy sites should remain under Israeli responsibility, while maintaining a religious status quo, particularly in regards to the Temple Mount. However, the plan indicates that people of ALL faiths should be permitted to pray on the Temple Mount. This is a dramatic change from the current status quo.

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