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Bringing you all the news, as we conclude another successful year!
The Zefat Academic College Newsletter
New Year's Eve 2019
A Breakthrough for Zefat Academic College and the Galilee Region:
A New Master's Degree in Nursing!
The Department of Nursing opened in 2007, and its students' success rate in government tests is high and have reached 100% in recent years.
About 25% of the graduates are studying for advanced degrees in various academic institutions throughout the country.
Most of the graduates took part in clinical professional work in various health institutions throughout the country, and most of them were able to advance to managerial positions, specialize in basic courses and in professional nursing courses. The department has recently received a certificate of excellence and a grant from the Ministry of Health for its impressive success in government examinations and high retention rate. Today, there are about 350 students in the department, who represent the diversity of cultures and religions in Israel.
"I see the opening of the MSN program in nursing as a major accomplishment for the department and the College, but also as a new challenge that requires leadership to lead the program to success and excellence, like we did in the BA program in nursing," said Professor Khalaila.
This fall we opened an MSN program in nursing. This is the first time in the history of the College that a Master's degree is being offered and we hope this will be a the first step, since an MA in Physical Therapy is on the way.
The Master's in Nursing degree emphasizes the development of managerial, professional and academic leadership in nursing and in the health system. It is tailored for graduates with a BA in nursing, who wish to continue their studies for an MSN and develop in the academic and management fields. 
The degree includes courses in nursing administration and policy, management of health systems, research methods and statistics, experiential training and elective courses.
The new program will be taught by top lecturers and experts in the field of medical administration and nursing: Prof. Rabia Khalaila - former Head of the Department of Nursing and currently Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ruth Kaplan - Head of the MSN Program, Prof. Oscar Ambon - former executive director of the Ziv Medical Center, Dr. Sima Reicher, Dr. Morshed Farhat and others.
An Incredible Growth of the Zefat Academic College Student Body! 
Over the last decade, the number of students at the Zefat Academic College increased by 52% - from 1748 to 2661 students! This increase coincided with the gradual separation of the College from programs sponsored by Bar-Ilan University.
Supporters of the School of Nursing Visit Our Campus
Carol, Jonathan and Ruth Arkush
On December 3rd, Mrs. Carol Arkush, her husband, Mr. Jonathan Arkush - the former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and their daughter Ruth, visited the College. The family saw the architectural plans for the new Beit Bussel complex that will be the Center for Medical Education, and met with students from the Department of Nursing. Hilda Mayer RIP, Carol's aunt, donated generously to the College's new Department of Nursing building within the complex whose first floor will be named in her memory.
We thank the Arkush family for their visit and for their ongoing support, and are looking forward to seeing them again when the new building of the nursing department is inaugurated!
Gerald, Gail and Amanda Ronson

On November 18, we welcomed the business entrepreneur and philanthropist Gerald M. Ronson CBE, his wife Dame Gail Ronson DBE, and their daughter Amanda.
During the visit, which was organized with the help of the UJIA, the College's challenges and vision were presented by the College's management, and the guests met with students from the nursing department to hear about their experience, hopes and dreams.
The College thanks the Ronson family for its generosity and for taking the time to visit the College. We see it as the continuation of our exciting partnership.
History and Academia Combine to Restore the Beit Bussel Complex
In recent years, the Zefat Academic College has done conservation work at the Rothschild - Hadassah Hospital (an investment of 14 million NIS), which is now used by the College, and has transformed the "Palatin" Hall into a modern library and a spectacular auditorium, an investment of 30 million NIS. And recently, the restoration of the "Gate House," the entrance to the hospital compound of the Anglican mission, was completed at an investment of 2 million NIS.
The work in the Beit Bussel compound is a complex engineering and restoration process. The 6,200 square meters area will combine new construction alongside the restoration and renovation of the unique historical buildings in the complex. The project includes the establishment of the Nursing school, the Physical Therapy school, the Student Service Center and the Medical Simulation and Training Center.
The College views restoration and preservation of these historic building as one of its main social and cultural roles in the community: honoring and cherishing the legacy and the history of the city, while also promoting renewal and modernity.  
Restoration and reconstruction of the historic hospital in the Beit Bussel complex, which is under way, represents our vision and the values of cultural and national heritage that we wish to impart to students and residents of Zefat. The establishment of the Legacy Heritage Center for Medical Education is a historic moment that marks an important milestone in the development of the College.
The huge crane that was erected in the Beit Bussel complex, visible from almost every point in the city of Zefat, symbolizes the scope of the work that has been going on for several months at the College. In parallel with the installation of the giant planks to stabilize the ground and preparatory excavations for the construction of the buildings of the Medical Education Center, work has begun to preserve and restore the building of the historic Anglican hospital, which is more than 100 years old. During the restoration work, beautiful historic halls, hidden rooms and architectural arches have been uncovered in the historical hospital, which have been hidden under huge piles of waste accumulated over the years.
The construction is supported by foundations and organizations that believe in the vision of the College: the Legacy Heritage Foundation, UJIA, the Rashi Foundation, JNF-KKL, and Israel's Council for Higher Education.
ZAC's Future Academic Plans
We aim to expand and grow our academic programs. New programs are currently under development or awaiting final approval:

BA in Occupational Therapy: A program that will train students to become occupational therapists with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to provide a quality, professional service, suited to the multiculturalism of the population in Israel. The program reflects a holistic view of occupational therapy and integrates knowledge from the medical sciences as well as social and behavioral sciences.
BA in Optometry: A program that will give students theoretical knowledge alongside clinical experience. Graduates will acquire high proficiency in all three major areas; correction of vision by prescription for glasses or contact lens fitting, bipolar vision, and diagnosis of deviations from the norm.
BA in Systems Management and Marketing: A program that will provide tools for marketing and advertising in the new media channels - the Internet, mobile devices and interactive television, deal with psychological aspects of branding and ways to differentiate brand and formulate a unique promise. Students will acquire practical knowledge and analytical tools required for management positions in various marketing areas.
MA in Health Systems Administration: The program will train professionals to plan, develop, direct, coordinate, manage and supervise the provision of health services at various levels. Graduates will be familiar with the characteristics and complexity of the health system in Israel in general and in the north in particular, which will enable them to integrate into a wide range of public and private organizations.
MA in Social Work - Children and Youth at Risk and their Families: The program will focus on family studies with emphasis on youth. The program is designed for social workers with a BA in social work, mainly in the Galilee, who work with children and their families in various frameworks: social services departments, care centers, boarding schools, foster care, mental health and more.
Cyber Defense Course for Women at Zefat Academic College
As part of our support in the promotion of women in the hi tech world, we present a new cyber defense course for women in Zefat. The course is a result of an exciting collaboration between ZAC and "Cyber19" entrepreneurship.
According to Cybersecurity ventures, there will be about 3.5 million job openings in the cyber defense field by 2021. Meanwhile, women make up only 20% of the workforce in the field. This is an opportunity to train women and bring them into this profession, thus promoting both gender equality in Cybersecurity, and employment opportunities in Israel's northern periphery. 
The new course will expose the women of Zefat to the unique world of Cybersecurity, in partnership with Zefat Academic College, and locate high potential candidates to train as CyberSecurity Practitioners. The next step of this important project is establishing a CyberSecurity Operation Center that will employ the course graduates and provide Cybersecurity services to worldwide customers.
"Cyber19" is a unique enterprise that gives real opportunity to women from Zefat area to acquire professional training in Cybersecurity, which will lead them to financial independence and promote gender equality in the field.
Academic Research at the Zefat Academic College:
Books by ZAC's Lecturers
"The Vindicated and the Persecuted - The Struggle over the Symbolic Capital in the Herut Movement 1948 -1965" - a book by Dr. Ofira Gruweis Kovalsky, a senior lecturer at Zefat Academic College and associate researcher at the Herzl Institute University of Haifa. 
Dr. Gruweis Kovalsky specializes in the history of the right wing in Israel. Her work focuses on the myths and symbols of the Israeli right wing, women in the right wing; the History of Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel. 
The book adds an important dimension to the study of the political right, political culture and memory culture in the State of Israel.
Two books by Dr. Itamar Theodor: "Dharma and Halacha – Comparative Studies in Hindu-Jewish Philosophy and Religion", and the book "Lexicon of Hinduism" by Prof. Klaus K. Klostermayer, where Dr. Theodor served as editor of the Hebrew edition.
"Dharma and Halacha" is a comparative study of Judaism and Hinduism. It deals with the cult worship of the idol, the similarity between Jewish law and the Indian halakhic framework called Dharma, social issues such as marriage of widows in Judaism and Hinduism, and similarities between the Song of Songs and the sacred poetry Gita Govinda.
"Lexicon of Hinduism" contributes to understanding this important religion while dealing with a variety of concepts; places, writings, festivals, holidays, rituals, mythologies, temples, thinkers, traditions and gods - spanning thousands of years of history from ancient times to modern India.
"The Reform Movement in Israel" - a new book by Dr. Nicolas Jozgof-Orbach, based on a five-year study of Reform Judaism in Israel, with the aim of characterizing and understanding the complexity of its religious-social identity and its geo-demographic characteristics. The book has received acclaimed reviews in Ha'aretz newspaper and the Reform Movement, and has been featured for more than 10 months on the preferred-book shelf at Tzomet Sefarim in the category of Jewish books.
The second edition of the book will soon be published.
This is Dr. Orbach's fourth non-fiction book, and the tenth overall, including his poetry books and plays. He is currently completing his next book "The Independence Garden in Tel Aviv in the Mirror of Literature" which will soon be published.
"Imagery Techniques in Modern Jewish Mysticism" - a new book by Dr. Daniel Reiser, a lecturer in the Department of Mysticism and Spirituality. The English edition of the book was published by the Hebrew University and De Gruyter, and shows how Kabbalists and Hasidim have leveraged the imagination as a means of religious and even a mystical experience.
Dr. Reiser claims that "the status of imagination is gaining momentum in contemporary culture, so that sometimes imagination precedes and dictates reality. People of imagination like writers, actors and singers, are key figures in society while philosophers lose their status and influence. Images dictate actions that create a reality that reflects the image and so on. This development is a multi-year cultural component that characterizes the modern era. Few have been attentive to this development and exploited it for their own purposes. I discuss these few in my book."
Advanced Technology in the Service of Academic Teaching 
In addition, in the last year, academic and administrative processes have been assimilated through the Bizagi platform - a digital business platform that encapsulates the existing information systems. One of the academic processes involved is the management of syllabuses. Through a friendly and simple interface, lecturers can enter all the details and components of the syllabus, which includes a control system that prevents mistakes or omissions. The library and the testing department also participate in the process, which allows for preparation in advance for the various course definitions.
In preparation for the next academic year, updates will be made to the version that will include changes and improvements requested by users in the process.
Nesi Outmazgin, IT Director at the College: "We are constantly working hard to improve and streamline all the technological services and information systems of the College, while maintaining the simplicity of use and accessibility."
Our IT department develops, launches and implements digital platforms and advanced applications to assist in the management and execution of processes in the College's academic and administrative activities, thus enabling a transition to computerized processes and business flexibility throughout the organization.
In the past two years, a system for conducting online teaching surveys in the "Zefat Smart" College app has been developed in-house and implemented. Using advanced technologies, the system enables construction of questionnaires, online response of students to the questionnaire, storage of answers and comments that are sent directly to the databases, and monitoring the percentage of respondents in real time while maintaining anonymity. Moreover, the results and analytics are automatically sent to different target audiences. This year, upgrades have been added to the system, such as support for various questionnaires and multiyear reports.
So far, the process has been done manually by printing the questionnaires and then scanning them and processing the data.
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