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Client Update:
"World Intellectual Property Day"
Dear Clients and Colleagues,

Today, April 26, 2020, is "World Intellectual Property Day" throughout the world. The objective of this day, which has been celebrated since 2000, is to raise awareness about the impact of different types of intellectual property rights (such as patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights) on everyday life, and the immense contribution of inventors and creators to advancing and developing society throughout the world.
The date April 26 was chosen to mark "World Intellectual Property Day", because on this day in 1970, the Convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) entered into force.
This year WIPO has decided to devote "World Intellectual Property Day" to the topic "Innovate for a Green Future". Striving for a greener future is reflected, inter alia, in the development of environmentally friendly technologies, conserving resources, using bio-degradable materials and encouraging businesses operating in the field.
The severe corona crisis which is currently unfolding around the world underlines the importance of a "Green Future", the advantages thereof as well as the aspiration to achieve this goal.
We have chosen to observe this day by wishing everyone a quick and easy exit from the crisis, and by sharing with you a collection of publications in the IP arena written by attorneys from our firm's Intellectual Property Practice Group, throughout the last year.

As always, we are happy to assist with any questions you may have in the field. 
Client Update: 19.03.2020
'Israel Permits Exploitation of Patents to Allow Importation of Generic KALETRA® for COVID-19'
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Client Update: 01.01.2020
'Israel Joins the Hague System for Registration of Industrial Designs'

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Client Update: 16.12.2019
'Certainty for R&D Companies: The Israeli Supreme Court Clarifies Law on Employees Inventions'

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Client Update: 30.05.2019
'Not by Bread Alone - Angel vs Engel' 

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Client Update: 16.05.2019
'I See Your (True) Colours - The Registerability of Colours and the Names of Colours as Trademarks'
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