IRS Relief for Taxpayers Affected by the Terrorist Attack on Israel

Boaz Feinberg and Guy Sagiv

Amid the terror attacks occurring in the State of Israel since October 7th, the IRS has issued a notice extending certain deadlines for "Affected Taxpayers" defined as follows:
  • Any individual whose principal residence, and any business entity, or sole proprietor whose principal place of business, is located in the State of Israel, the West Bank, or Gaza (the "Covered Area").

  • Any individual affiliated with a recognized government or philanthropic organization who is providing assistance in the Covered Area, such as a relief worker.

  • Any individual, business entity or sole proprietor, or estate or trust whose tax return preparer or records necessary to meet a deadline for postponed acts are located in the Covered Area.

  • Any spouse of an affected taxpayer, solely with regard to a joint return of two married individuals.

  • Any individual visiting the Covered Area who was killed, injured, or taken hostage as a result of the October 7, 2023 Terrorist Attacks.
These "Affected Taxpayers" are eligible for extended deadlines for various actions, including tax payments, contributions to qualified retirement plans, petitions to the Tax Court, filing claims for tax credits or refunds, tax assessments, issuing notices or demands for tax payment or liabilities to the United States, tax collection by the IRS, initiating tax-related lawsuits, and approving tax credits or refunds. These extensions apply to deadlines due from October 7, 2023, to October 7, 2024, including filing requirements by October 16th, 2023.
For more information, here is link to the IRS notice.
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Guy Sagiv
Leading Partner, Private Wealth Management
Boaz Feinberg
Leading Partner, Tax