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May News and Updates from AFRU
Dear Friends, Supporters, Parents, and Alumni,
This was a very busy month spent traveling with our new President, Boaz Ganor, and Vice President, Jonathan Davis, here in the US. We introduced Prof. Ganor to many of our supporters in NYC and LA and he was well received amongst all of our friends.  A short trip to Phoenix, Arizona, for the first time, enabled us to meet new like-minded people and we are looking forward to visiting again. Prof. Ganor shared the challenges the university has faced since the October 7th tragedy and his vision for the future.
Our close-knit community has been so supportive of our mission. The goal of these trips is always to increase our network and get the word out about Reichman University. It is of great importance, with the current situations on US campuses, that all young Jewish students understand what a great option our university is.
Reichman University is a safe haven of Zionism and world class education.

Please, if you are visiting Israel this summer for vacation, stop by our beautiful campus and see everything we have to offer! Our office is always here to help coordinate visits for you.

Warmest Wishes,
Leslie Skyba
Executive Director
American Friends of IDC (Reichman University)
30 Years of IDC Now Reichman University
30 years ago, on May 11, 1994, Professor Uriel Reichman laid the foundations for the establishment of a University in the city of Herzliya: a university that will nurture freedom of thought, research, and self-fulfillment. A university that will undergo interdisciplinary training. Cultivate scientific and professional excellence and provide its students with a broad cultural background and a vision for the international horizon (from the proclamation).
Pictured L-R: May 1994: Mayor of Herzliya, Eli Landau; Israeli President Ezer Weizmann; Prof. Uriel Reichman; Rabbi Lau
Prof. Reichman has set out his main mission: train the country’s future leaders of Israel. These values ​​received practical expressions in campus life - starting with special criteria for accepting candidates with leadership potential, in diverse programs for leadership development, in entrepreneurship education that runs as the second thread in campus activities, and in a world-wide global community that grew around the Raphael Recanati International School thanks to which Reichman University became the leading international academic institution in Israel.
Reichman University Celebrating Resilience
This Passover break was truly special as Reichman University came together to honor and celebrate the resilience of our students who have been bravely serving their country. At the Raphael Recanati International School, we are not just a campus, but a diverse and supportive community that embraces students from over 90 countries. We understand the challenges each student faces, especially when it comes to serving their homeland while being far from home.
This event was a heartfelt tribute to our student reservists, who have been on the front lines since the start of the war. It was an opportunity for donors, parents from abroad, and fellow students to come together and show their support and appreciation for their dedication and sacrifice. Watch  this inspiring video from ILTV to catch a glimpse of the heartfelt moments and celebrations. Together, we stand united in support of our students and their commitment to serving their country.
The Iranian Bazaar and Antisemitism on Campuses
Let us not be deceived into believing that the wave of antisemitism spreading across campuses is a spontaneous, authentic reaction by American students who oppose the war against Hamas in Gaza. It is in fact a carefully orchestrated plan initiated by Islamist and radical elements in the United States and abroad that exploits the progressive worldview and sense of“white guilt” that characterizes many American students. The evidence of this lies in the historical context: similar violent protests did not erupt on US campuses when tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were killed in atrocities around the world — whether in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Iran, or even as a result of US military operations in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor, or to 9/11. The antisemitic rioters on American campuses are deliberately singling out Israel.
Prof. Boaz Ganor
President, Reichman University
Founder & former executive director, International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)
Jonathan Davis's Letter on
Overseas Campus Antisemitism and anti-Zionism
 Jonathan Davis
VP of External Relations, Reichman University
Head, Raphael Recanati International School
If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at an American university, or considering commencing your academic education there, you may want to consider taking one of our BA or MA degrees in English due to the deteriorating situation on American campuses.
By learning at the only private university in Israel – Reichman University – you would experience a unique and outstanding opportunity.
Reichman University USA Spring Trip
The US Alumni Association of Reichman University organized a gathering on May 2nd at the Broome Hotel in NYC featuring President Boaz Ganor, Jonathan Davis, Head of RRIS and VP of External Relations, and Leslie Skyba, Executive Director of American Friends of Reichman University. President Ganor provided insights into the current climate in Israel and updates about the university.  The event provided a platform for alumni to mingle, network, and meet new local alumni.
On Monday, May 6th,  President Ganor and Jonathan Davis were hosted in Phoenix, Arizona for meetings and a reception with the local community. On Tuesday, May 7th they were hosted in Beverly Hills, California and met with the Israeli community and local RU alumni.  L: Phoenix crowd listening to President Ganor
R: President Ganor and Jonathan Davis with local LA area alumni
October 7 The Play-Limited Showings in NYC
We are sharing the recent opening of the October 7 The Play, as an important opportunity for our community to bear witness. The play dramatizes the events of Oct. 7 and the words spoken on stage are taken verbatim from interviews with survivors. It is the work of Los Angeles-based Irish playwrights Phelim Kevin McAleer and Ann McElhinney.
Turning classroom learning into real-world impact-
RRIS Alum Josh Buchalter
Meet Josh Buchalter, who graduated from the RRIS in 2023 with a BA in Communications and an Argov Fellow. During his studies, Josh's passion for advocacy was sparked by a thought-provoking course project. Tasked with creating a social media project that highlights the differences between Apartheid South Africa and the situation in Israel, Josh's dedication shone through, despite time constraints. Josh's project aimed to debunk misconceptions hindering progress in the conflict. After fine-tuning and adjusting his project, Josh seized the moment to publish it in after the outbreak of the war, resulting in over 200,000 views and numerous positive conversations. Josh's journey showcases the transformative power of education and advocacy.

The Upstart Program
The Upstart Program exposes students to the entrepreneurial eco-system and provides practical tools and experiential learning in the local startup environment. Tailored for third-year students across faculties, the Upstart venture creation program spans one academic year, providing a diverse cohort with comprehensive entrepreneurial training. Students gain hands-on experience alongside theoretical grounding in entrepreneurship, covering strategic planning, design thinking, and legal and financial fundamentals crucial for startup success. Engaging in collaborative projects, students work closely with industry mentors, refining their business ideas and preparing to pitch to accelerators and investors. Field visits and guest lectures further enrich their entrepreneurial education.
RRIS Commemorates Yom HaShoah
RRIS hosted Zicharon B'Salon (Remembrance in the Living Room) on campus in honor of Holocaust Memorial Day. Students and staff heard the moving story of Jacky Barkan z"l, who survived the Holocaust. His story was told by his wife, Judy, and his daughter, Inbal. 
During Reichman University's Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, Noam Rotstain, a Second year Government student, recited a poem by Alexander Kimel z"l, Holocaust Survivor, called "The Action in the Ghetto of Rohtayn." More than ever, the resonance of Yom Hashoa is as poignant as ever. The Holocaust serves not only as a reminder of unfathomable loss endured by millions, but it also serves as a reminder of resilience, survival and remembrance.
RRIS Commerates Yom HaZikaron
Reichman University hosted its annual Yom HaZikaron ceremony on campus, which was followed by a Reservists Panel hosted by Campus Life to honor those that have been serving in the Swords of Iron War. At night, a group of students attended the annual Yom Hazikaron ceremony at Latrun. With all these events, the legacy of the fallen lives on in our hearts.
L: Reichman University students fallen during Swords of Iron War R: RRIS students share their memories of the fallen and experiences of serving during the war
 JLIC Celebrates Yom Ha'atzmaut
JLIC and Reichman University students celebrated Israeli Independence Day with a celebratory prayer service, Tfilat Chagit, at night followed by a party. During the day, the prayers were followed by breakfast in Herzliya Park and kickball.
Ritz-Carlton Herzliya Welcomes Reichman University
Students and Visiting Families With Exclusive Offer 
Students are invited to share a deluxe room or suite with their family and enjoy breakfast, without any additional charge. Experience exceptional service, warm hospitality and so much more, only at The Ritz-Carlton Herzliya. To find out more about this memorable hotel stay, please email or or call 917-747-7712. 
Save the Date: RRIS Online Undergraduate Information Sessions
May 28th- June 10th, 2024
Our degree specific sessions are geared towards prospective students who want to learn more about Reichman University and the undergraduate degrees we offer. The heads and coordinators of each degree will be meeting with you and share more about the program and answer questions.
Save the Date: RRIS Online Information Session with Jonathan Davis
Sunday, June 23rd
Interested in learning more about Reichman University's Raphael Recanati International School and our 10 undergraduate and 10 graduate programs in English?

Join the staff including head of the RRIS and VP of External Relations Jonathan Davis and our admissions coordinators on Sunday, June 23rd on Zoom to learn more about the programs and ask any questions!
 ICT's Advanced Certificate Program:
Early Bird Registration Has Opened! 
Save the Date: October 6-8th, 2024
ICT 23rd World Summit on Counter-Terrorism
From 9/11 to 10/7: Navigating New Threats
RRIS Students of the Month: Nolan Bailen
Nolan Bailen, USA
Hello! My name is Nolan Bailen and I’m an American in the MA government program, as well as an intern at the ICT. I came to Israel in September 2023 and just made Aliyah. I know I made the right choice to study at Reichman University, and I cannot be anymore hopeful and grateful for the opportunities that are provided for me here.