This month at Kav LaOved - while many people across Israel received instructions from The Home Front Command not to go to work due to the rockets – construction and agriculture workers were sent to work. Kav LaOved managed to stop a preposterous attempt by the state to “hand over” Palestinian workers sick pay money to construction contractors. And – a new short film for agriculture workers covering issues of safety at work; additionally we want to update you that the number of victims in the construction sector continues to rise- there are already 43 casualties this year, while the head of the Histadrut waives its responsibility to the workers. 
Workers are demanded to work in times of heightened security risk – a couple of weeks ago during another heated violent episode between Israel and Gaza, Israeli civilians in the south along with residents from the center of Israel were called not to attend places of work and schools due to the shelling of rockets. However, these instructions seemed not to apply to everyone. KLO employees and concerned civilians documented workers in the construction and agriculture sectors working, regardless of the risks. We revealed that safety instructions were not published in all languages.  An affidavit from a Thai worker in agriculture sheds light on the phenomena in which workers are demanded to work although they are at risk from rocket fire, and their employers disregard their lives: “nobody explains the security situation to us in real-time, and we only understand from the sirens. That is all. The employer sends us to work – regardless of whether or not there are sirens. There is nothing we can do, the employer says we need to work so we work. There are no shelters in the field or in the orchards. There is a storage unit where the pesticides are kept. When we are at work- we just have to lay on the ground. Miriam Anati our agriculture coordinator was interviewed on this matter, after which PIBA published instructions to employers on the regulations relating to worker safety during escalation of the conflict.

We stopped a preposterous attempt of the state to “hand over” Palestinian workers’ sick pay money to construction contractors. In 2016 KLO, together with ACRI, appealed to the Supreme Court on behalf of Palestinian workers with regard to funds that were deposited on behalf of the workers to cover sick-leave pay. In the process of the appeal, we learned that 400 million shekels had accumulated on behalf of the workers. Once the sum was made public, many started demanding their share- among them the construction contractors union. While the appeal is stuck in court and the state’s attorney asked for another extension to respond, we learned from social networks that the contractors union was bragging about their success in retrieving 218 million shekels from this fund for the contractors.
We immediately reacted and submitted a request to the court to halt this process. The request was accepted, and for the time being the money has not been transferred. The appeal persists.
Watch our short film - how to work safely in agriculture. As part of our project promoting safety of workers in the agriculture sector we created a film for workers detailing important information in four different languages.
Finally, Noa Kaufman- our coordinator of the refugees and asylum seekers department – was interviewed in Ha’aretz, worth a read for those who read Hebrew.
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