This month at Kav LaOved: Despite our public campaign calling for the Israeli Authority for National-Civic Service to revisit their decision and include KLO in the list of approved placements for national civic service volunteers, we received a negative response to our appeal and have therefore filed a petition along with two other organizations to the Jerusalem district court. Hear about our project "Working Safely in Agriculture", which gives agricultural workers access to information about how they can ensure their safety at work. In addition, we published the first comprehensive report of its kind in Israel covering all the safety violations issued this year in the construction industry, including the names of companies that have a notorious record of neglecting workers’ safety.
A new petition: The Authority for National-Civic Service narrows the definition of welfare services in Israel

Over the past month, more than  500 supporters of KLO and seven Knesset members reached out to The Authority for National-Civic Service and joined our demand: cancel the decision to revoke the civic service positions that have been given to us for the last 15 years. According to the Authority, protection of workers' rights does not fall under the definition of welfare. Despite public pressure, we were unable to suspend this harmful decision. Attorney Reut Michaeli, Chairman of KLO’s Board of Directors, filed a petition on behalf of Kav LaOved, The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants and Emun HaTzibur (Public Trust) calling the court to order the Authority to reinstate the positions of the civic service volunteers.

 Report - The leading companies that received “safety orders” in the construction sector
Earlier this month, we published a report that analyses 850 safety violations imposed on construction sites in the first half of 2019. The report reviews the leading construction companies that have a notorious record of neglecting workers’ safety. At the top of the list is "Assum," with 14 orders in the first half of the year. "Neot Shamir S." follows its footsteps with 11 safety orders. Third, with 9 safety orders, is "A.D. Asher Zaguri Construction Works." The companies "Mahamid Taufik - Building and Development Company", "Itzhak Stern & Co." and "Ashtrom Group" also warrant “honorable mention.” The report details the violations that led to the orders and the steps needed to better enforce safety regulations and therefore make it mandatory for companies to uphold safety standards. To the full report (Hebrew).
Working safely in agriculture
Safe and secure work is not something that disadvantaged workers can take for granted. They cannot always say "no." The project, led by KLO in partnership with the National Insurance Institute's "Manof" fund, seeks to provide agricultural workers with information on how to stay safe at work in their own languages: Thai, Arabic, English and Hebrew. The main theme is their right to be safe at work, ensuring that they have the knowledge and language to demand their rights. As part of the project we conduct workshops, including one held just a week ago with Palestinian workers.
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