So what’s new at Kav LaOved - Workers’ Hotline this Month? 

The state chose to interfere with the fundamental right of all people to form relationships – only this time it was not only migrant workers’ freedoms on which it infringed but also that of the judge presiding over the case. And some successes: starting next month, construction contractors who are responsible for safety violations will not be able to bid for public contracts. In addition: 9 Palestinian women finished KLO’s training for protection of the labor rights for all who work in Israel - rights that are violated every day, often starting at the 3 AM at the checkpoints.
A quick review – the Israeli government prohibits migrant workers from the right to have romantic relationships. Until recently, any time KLO challenged this absurd regulation in court - the state retreated. Not anymore. In recent months, KLO has been leading a petition on behalf of Cheryl and Allen, two migrant caregivers from India, whom the government wants to deport for having a personal relationship while working in Israel. Fearing the Judge, Marat Dorfman, would rule in KLO’s favor, the state requested he recuse himself using the following argument: the judge is married to a non-Israeli woman. The state could not care less that there exists no connection between the cases. Dorfman's personal case, related to the residential status issue of his wife, and the case at the center of debate concerning the basic right of migrant workers' to fall in love and develop relationships during their time here. Following the state's request and external pressure, Dorfman recused himself. Our legal battle continues. Stay tuned.
Honestly: if you were told construction contractors who have committed safety violations can bid in government sponsored public biddings, wouldn't you think "no way"? Apparently, there is a way, and as it currently stands bidding is open even for negligent contractors. For years, we at Kav LaOved, in our “Construction Workers’ Safety” project, have been fighting for the obvious: for the state to ban violating contractors from entering its bidding process. Last week, we received the news our struggle has been a successful one. The Ministry of Finance added criteria according to which, a recognized contractor who receives at least two work-stop orders for serious safety violations – will be suspended from the bidding on a public project for a year. Essentially – contractors be warned. We hope this step will further incentivize the industry to take safety seriously, preventing further unnecessary injuries and deaths. 
Each month Palestinian workers pay 2,500 shekels in brokerage fees in exchange for the right to work in Israel – an illegal fee levied on the workers. This is one of the many rights guaranteed by Israeli labor law but routinely trampled on by reality faced by Palestinians employed in Israel, including: lack of paid-sick leave, lack of pension, and violations of equal pay for equal work. This month we in KLO took a step towards raising workers’ awareness of each and every one of their rights. A group of Palestinian women completed our training, in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Labor, in Israeli labor law and the tools available to workers to address violations. Zerifa, Shams, Sajda, Merach, Rua, Sara, Adin, Diana and Ruaia all excelled in the course that will allow them to use their knowledge to assist their friends and family in attaining their rights and further spread KLO’s reach into the community. In the video, KLO’s Palestinian Lawyer Khaled Dukhi, the project director, celebrated the successful completion of the course with the participants and partners. We hope to have many more such celebrations in the future. 
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