This Month at Kav LaOved - Supreme Court Petition Against State Neglect of Construction Workers
So, what happened at Kav LaOved this month?
At the beginning of this month, we filed a petition to the High Court of Justice, concerning the state's failures to improve the state of work accidents in the construction industry.

Already this action has begun to yield results. The petition was filed by "Kav LaOved" along with "WAC-MAAN", against the Israeli Police, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, and the Ministry of Finance.

In the petition, Attorney Gadeer Nicola from Kav LaOved made a number of clear demands:
1) The immediate creation of a national police unit to investigate construction work accidents, which will incorporate investigators from the Ministry of Labor's Safety Administration.

2) An increase in the number of inspectors and investigators within the Safety Administration, and that the criteria by which these positions are filled, be made public, transparent and consistent.

3) That every construction work accident, which results in moderate, severe or fatal injuries, be criminally investigated. And that every construction site where such an accident has occurred be inspected by the Ministry of Labor’s Safety Administration. 

Already, we can see progress. Since filing our petition, for the first time ever, the police have begun sending safety inspectors to investigate work sites in which workers were moderately injured. We hope that progress continues and we will continue to monitor and advocate for safety in this sector, ahead of our discussion in the High Court of Justice.

Article about the petition (in Hebrew)
Due to Kav LaOved’s complaint, the Attorney General has announced that the Moshavim Movement will no longer be allowed exploit cheap labor by calling them "volunteers". 

For some time now, Kav LaOved has been receiving complaints from agricultural “volunteers”, a program where individuals from impoverished countries are recruited by the Moshavim Movement thinking that they are coming for a cultural volunteer experience but are actually put to work full time (and often beyond full time) in agriculture and not paid minimum wage or any benefits. Not only have these "volunteers" often paid to participate in such programs but even their flight and volunteer license, which in theory is provided for them, is then often deducted from their meager stipends.
In addition to Kav LaOved's work, an investigative article was published about this topic at the end of March. The journalists' investigation only confirmed what the testimonies of these “volunteers” collected by Kav LaOved had already revealed. Following this publication, we sent an urgent letter to the relevant authorities, including the Immigration Authority and the Attorney General, and this month we received the response that the exploitative “volunteer” programs currently run by the Moshavim Movement will be discontinued. The volunteers already here will be allowed to join an alternative program, which has been previously approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a general review of the regulations concerning volunteer programs will be conducted.

Article about the issue (in Hebrew)
The outgoing Chief Economist for the Finance Ministry has forgotten that his economic approach needs poor workers.

Just last week, an interview was published with Yoel Naveh marking the end of his four-year term as Chief Economist in the Ministry of Finance. During the interview, in which among other topics, he expressed his opinion about corporate tax cuts, he expressed that it is not the responsibility of the state to save those people who choose to be poor.
Our experience at Kav LaOved shows that the reality is, that the neoliberal economic system that Naveh advocates for, in fact requires poor workers. It requires those very workers, who can be employed at minimum cost and often without all the benefits they are entitled to them by law, Those who work in agriculture so that our fruits and vegetables will be cheaper. Those who build our homes cheaply. Those who work 24 hours a day, at a salary that is far from being a minimum wage, caring for our elderly so that their sons and daughters can go out to work in the free market. Naveh, do not forget, you depend on the poor.

Kav LaOved's full response and link to the original article (in Hebrew)
Kav LaOved Wins Golda Meir Prize!

Recently, we received the exciting news that KLO was selected to receive the Golda Meir Prize (in Hebrew), a very prestigious annual award for promotion of social justice in Israel. With a selection committee is headed by former Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia, the award recognizes KLO's many achievements over the years as well as its ongoing commitment to safeguarding and promoting labor rights in Israel. 
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