Kav LaOved, a long-standing workers’ rights organization, is launching a crowdfunding campaign.
22nd – 24th of November

Over the course of the last 30 years, Kav LaOved has worked to do what we do best:
  • Provide information to workers in person, via email, phone, Facebook and on our website;
  • Map the terrain of labour rights in the labor market, write petitions and draft position papers and reports;
  • Return millions of shekels owed to workers;
  • Bridging the gap between reluctant employers and workers through providing information on labor rights and answering questions and advocate on workers’ behalf with employers. 

This is what daily life looks like at Kav LaOved, both in times of crisis and during “business as usual,” during a global pandemic or a hot, steamy summer.  As we continue our work, we are asking for support from our friends and partners through our crowdfunding campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise the funds needed to ensure the continuation of our activities to protect workers’ rights into the next year.

Now that there is a new government and Knesset, we look forward to advocating for improved regulations and legislation in a number of areas in order to advance issues that have been stuck for years:
  • Improvement in safety at work, especially in the construction sector, through better enforcement measures;
  • Advancement in the implementation of reforms regarding the employment of Palestinians in Israel;
  • Provision of pension fund services in languages spoken in Israel, particularly Amharic;
  • Ending employment pathways that bypass the labor rights of migrant workers, such as the so-called work/study and “volunteer” programs, which employ non-Israeli workers at starvation wages;
  • Combatting labor trafficking and forced labor in the employment of non-Israeli workers.

Kav LaOved shines light on hidden, exploitative areas of the labor market and promotes the rights of those employed in these sectors. The hard work has paid off — Kav LaOved has become a one-of-a-kind address for workers at the margins of the labor market as well as governmental and professional leaders seeking informed input on key issues.

We have set a goal of raising 500,000 NIS during our crowdfunding campaign. Each donation will be doubled during the campaign thanks to matching contributions from generous donors who have expressed their confidence in us. We invite everyone who is able to join in contributing to our campaign and help ensure the continuation of our work for 2021 and 2022 — hopefully we’ll be able to continue for another 30 years!

Kav LaOved