Dear KLO Supporter-
The onset of the Coronavirus crisis late this winter delayed the publication of our 2019 annual report, but we pulled through, and I am pleased to share it with you now.

Last year saw many important accomplishments and successes, many of which laid the groundwork for key achievements we’ve followed through on already this spring, such as abolishing the worker contribution portion of the Deposit Law for refugees and amending emergency legislation to provide healthcare coverage and decent housing for OPT Palestinians working and living in Israel due to Coronavirus closures at the border.
The Coronavirus crisis brought home the importance of protecting workers’ rights and I am proud to share KLO’s work to do just that. Highlights of our work in 2019 illustrate the diversity and breadth of KLO’s programming and our singular role in protecting the rights of marginalized workers in the labor market.
KLO opened over 9,700 cases for workers, returning over 41 million ILS in illegally withheld wages and benefits.

We assisted caregivers who were denied money owed them and supported asylum seekers when no deposit payment was made for them (in many cases, the money was, in fact, stolen).

We stood up for the right to safe and dignified work conditions, assisting those who suffered physical assault and/or sexual violence and aided Thai agriculture workers required to work exposed in the fields while missiles landed around them during escalation in the conflict with Gaza.

We helped workers who experienced conditions of trafficking obtain official recognition as well as psychological help and shelter.

We investigated and documented 420 work accidents across all sectors of the Israeli labor market. 

As we did last year, this fall we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds we need to continue doing the important work we do, especially in light of the economic crisis. If you would like to lend a hand to spread the word during the campaign in late October, we would love to have you on board.
I welcome you to read further details in our report and, as always, thank you for your support.
Adi Maoz
Executive Director, Kav LaOved