Dear  friends and supporters,

I want to take this opportunity – as Rosh HaShana is approaching, to wish you and your family Shana Tova. I hope this year brings us hope and courage to continue the struggle for justice and equality in this society and for the disenfranchised people we stand for. I also wish it gives us more strength to continue and challenge this government’s policy which is so harmful and dangerous.

The current government, one of the most ultra-right and extreme coalitions we’ve seen here, has not only declared oppressive policies, but is also challenging labor rights recognized until now to non-Israeli workers. This is not a new direction for Israel but is certainly an unprecedented leap forward.  

We have always led principle struggles for workers' rights and promoted policies that sought to create a fairer labor market here. In a hostile environment, in the face of weak enforcement from the authorities, we made sure - with the tools at our disposal - that workers get what they are entitled to. We insisted that workers receive what they deserve: fair wages, social rights and that their hard work is recognized and are treated with the dignity they deserve. 

Our battles for the protection and respect of workers' rights have always been marathons, also in the past, but the elections of 2022 have put us on a much steeper course. Our wins, making a difference in someone’s life, our team’s commitment, and being able to make silent voices heard, have always been the motivators that kept us focused and persistent in pursuing positive change, in the past and today as well.

Also, with this new year KLO will remain in the first rows of those in Israel fighting for dignity for all workers.  This moment of celebrating Rosh Ha-Shana is and an opportunity to thank KLO’s extended local and international family - our staff, board members, volunteers, and supporters - for their steadfastness and belief in our work and its importance for hundreds of thousands of vulnerable workers, and ultimately for all of us in Israel.

Shana Tova!


Adi Maoz

Executive Director