Dear friends,

It is with profound enthusiasm that I step into the role of CEO at Kav LaOved. For me, this opportunity represents the forefront of rights-based social action, dedicated to safeguarding the rights of vulnerable workers in Israel. Kav LaOved stands as a beacon of support, providing direct assistance to workers in retrieving their rights, while driving policy reforms. Together with our dedicated team and volunteers, we amplify the voices of workers, safeguard and protect their basic rights and uphold their dignity. 

Allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself; my journey commenced in the city of Ofakim, my birthplace and the landscape of my formative years, situated in the southern district of Israel that is recognized for its socio-economic challenges. It is there where I cultivated a worldview deeply rooted in the pursuit of social justice and equality. Over the time as part of my legal studies, as a lawyer I engaged in various social movements defending the rights of underrepresented people in Israel. From there, as a team member at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem-Legal Clinics, my focus was and continues to be on community lawyering, working closely with marginalized grassroots communities addressing legal issues that affected them. That enriching experience equipped me to participate in establishing and operating The Legal Aid Center, through which I extended legal aid to marginalized communities in both West and East Jerusalem by reaching out to them in their respective locations. During that period, I introduced and lead several initiatives focused on enhancing Jerusalemites' access to justice and legal aid, while also advocating for improvements in the legal framework governing Jerusalem and addressing its unique and complex context. 

As the newly appointed executive director of Kav LaOved, starting my role amidst the turmoil of war, I am acutely aware of the immense challenges confronting workers—migrants, Israelis, Palestinians, refugees, asylum seekers, and those without status. The onset of this war has only intensified their struggles, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities. Job security and protection have swiftly become distant memories as businesses are shutting off, livelihoods vanishing, and economic opportunities evaporating in the face of disruption, depriving many workers of their agency and leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and gross violations of their labor rights. In this challenging context, I reaffirm my dedication to ensuring that Kav LaOved's efforts generate a tangible and meaningful difference in the lives of workers affected by the ravages of this war and its aftermath. 

And lastly, as I assume this role, I am deeply honored to walk in the footsteps of our esteemed former director, Adi Maoz. Her steadfast leadership and unwavering commitment have not only fortified our organization but also set a robust foundation for us to continue our mission. This foundation is further strengthened by the presence of individuals like you, who share our vision for a better world. Together, with such a rich network of dedicated individuals, we are prepared to make significant strides in advocating for social justice and workers' rights. I am genuinely grateful to have you as part of our organizational network, and I eagerly await elaborating with you.

Your partnership, commitment and contributions are invaluable as we navigate these critical times together. Let's forge ahead with renewed assurance, championing the cause of workers' rights and striving for meaningful change locally and globally.

Warm regards,
Adv. Ohad Amar